Jean Lolive

Jean Lolive

Construction of 79 housing units and services
Massive stones
Delivery in 2024
Negotiated heights on Jean Lolive Avenue
Canal view fora ll
View from rue de l'ancien canal

Jean Lolive


In the heart of an unusual territory and on the second line of the Ourcq Canal, the 79 housing units affirm the metamorphoses at work in the Port of Pantin: that of the programs by participating in the mix of operations; that of mobility, which transforms the fabric in favor of pedestrians and active modes of transportation; and that of the environment, which promotes nature in the city and the project’s low carbon impact. Between the suburb and the canal front, the layout and volume of the buildings help to create a link from Avenue Jean Lolive to the river banks. The massive and local cut stone reinforces the link of the project to its territory: for a long time, the stone was used for the construction of Paris, but today it is a stopover in the ZAC du Port and ennobles the urban landscape. As for the gardens, they echo the banks of the Ourcq, collecting rainwater from the lot thanks to a large open area and forming part of the green and blue fabric of Pantin. They offer a real urban breathing space for the residents, and multiply the perspectives on the canal for the passers-by. The diversity of the program is an ally to fit into this composite fabric. Intermediate and collective housing, shops and common spaces, the granulometry ranging from T1 to townhouses, skilfully handled, make it possible to respond to the immediate built environment, to enrich the local urban situations and to open up views of the great landscape at the same time. The same care is given to the common areas, garden, bicycle room, circulation, shared roofs as to the housing. The provision of natural light, private outdoor spaces, views and multiple orientations have guided the project to ensure a variety of uses in the privacy of the housing, that of the community and a flawless comfort.


79 units of affordable and social housing
2 shops




ITAR architectures


5 300 m2 sp


11,5 M€ HT


BBC Effinergie +
NF Habitat HQE

Prices / Awards

Winner AMI engagés pour la qualité du logement de demain