Site Liberté

Paris La Défense
Neutral and residential buildings
Off-site timber, FOB, CLT
Work in progress

Rosny Métropolitain

Housing, public facilities, shops


Paris 17
Auditorium, offices and restaurant
Steel structure
Design development

Haxo Gambetta

Paris 20e
Rehabilitation and requalification of 363 housing units
Delivery in 2025


Paris 13e
Restoration of a student residence
Wood, ceramic
Delivery in 2024

Gare de Lyon

Paris 12e
Construction of 136 housing units
Massive stone, wood, earth

Tower Batignolles

Paris 17e
Housing tower and services ZAC Clichy-Batignolles
Precast concrete
Delivered in 2018


Construction of intergenerational residence and shared spaces
prefabricated wooden panel
Delivery in 2023

Millerand Bagan

Ile de Nantes
Mixed use city block
Precast concrete
Ongoing project


Paris 18e
Construction of 72 housing units, nursery and shops
Clay brick
Delivered in 2020

Jean Lolive

Construction of 79 housing units and services
Massive stones
Delivery in 2024

Tower Part-Dieu

Mixt urban block : housings, chapel, offices, shops
Precast concrete
delivered in 2022

Rives de l'Ourcq

Construction of 124 housing units and shops
Massive stones
Delivery in 2023


Elderly residence
Precast concrete
Delivered in 2023


Paris 3e
Rehabilitation and construction of 13 housing units
Delivered in 2014


Construction de 112 logements et locaux d'activité
raw earth, wood, straw


Paris 18e
Restructuring of an office building
massive stone
Delivery in 2024


Paris 20e
Restructuring and renovation of an office building
Grinding stone
Delivered in 2014


Paris 17e
Extensive restructuring of an autonomy residence
Reuse brick
Competition 2021

Charles Renard

Saint-Cyr l'Ecole
Off-site wooden housing
3D and 2D wooden off-site systems
Concours septembre 2023


Ensemble mixte logements et bureaux
Massive stone, wood, hemp concrete, FOB
on going project


Paris 13
Rénovation des tours Anvers et Londres
Metal cladding and plaster


Construction de 112 logements et locaux d'activité
raw earth, wood, straw
View from the avenue du Mondial 98
The ground as a native reef
An Ode to the Mediterranean way of Life
Outdoor spaces, springboards over the city
Outdoor spaces, springboards over the city
New canons of collective housing



A Mediterranean ode
The Folie takes from the coral reef its ramifications and fragments, its far-reaching projections, and most of all, its faculty to lead permanent and mutual dialogue between habitat and surroundings.
A landmark between the city and the coast, La Folie is a matter of common interest. It participates in the territorial ambitions of metamorphosis; it connects Georges Charpak Park to Manuguerra Square and Folie Divine; it amplifies the amenities of Veloligne 4 and animates the district. Its layers with a decreasing grip as it rises sharpen its mass and limit the shadows of the plots, creating a shaded square.

The entire ground floor opens onto the city through a sophisticated topography. As a native reef where uses largely oriented towards cycling coexist with essential ecological functions, formalized by the presence of a phytodepuration basin and indigenous species.

La Folie creates a progressive journey from the city to the home, accompanying each inhabitant to his or her safe place and increasing spaces where to meet each other. From then on, the same care was taken with the circulation spaces, as with the dwellings: the staircases, the large landings and the bicycle rooms are naturally lit and ventilated. Some of the roofs are accessible, where you can dine with your neighbors, celebrate a birthday, etc...

The outdoor spaces -springboards over the city- are more than just rooms. They play with curves and projections to modulate their configurations; they play with heights, sometimes single and sometimes double, while managing to remain places of confidentiality. Filters, fixed furniture, vegetation inspired by the Garrigue and staggered rows are part of the range of systems implemented to give a domestic scale to the whole façades. The changing colorimetry, due to the progressive use of pigment in the raw earth, lifts the emergences and reinforces both their vibration and their verticality.

The extensive use of earth resources in facades and partitions bears witness to an approach that is as much embodied as it is committed: deliberately Mediterranean and deeply sustainable.


112 housing units
Associative facilities
Shared spaces


Ville de Montpellier
Serm, Sa3m


Nexity, ITAR Architecture, NAS architecture, SemperVirens, Lab Ingénierie, Mobius, Cr!Terre, Cycles & Sources, Calder Ingénierie, BET Durand, Playgones, SOCOTEC, Copenhagenize Design Co., Cultiver la Ville, Bonheur à Vélo, Rêve de Vélo, Les Petites Cantines, Hurricane

images 3D : ailleurs studio
illustration : Alexandre Clérisse


8,000 m2 sp housing
730 m2 sp associative and commercial facilities

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