Prisme(s) on Batiradio

Prisme(s) on Batiradio

Does off-site construction match nowadays challenges'?

For several years now, the economic and social context has been calling for faster, better, and cheaper construction. But is it wise to revolutionize the act of building? Is traditional construction still in tune with today's economic and real estate logic? Is a return to prefabrication, as in the post-war period, necessary? What impact would this have on the construction sector? Does off-site construction imply a standardization of architecture? Are residents expecting this type of construction?

Does off-site construction meet the challenges of our time?

To talk about it :

Ingrid Taillandier, ITAR architects.
Pierre Paulo, Director of Project Management for Immobilière 3F, Architect.
This program includes an editorial by architect David Trottin. We also invite journalist Hugo Christy for a carte blanche. And finally, the archi-cultural agenda of Dominique Boré, Honorary President of the Maison de l'Architecture d'Ile de France.

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