Let's talk architecture

Let's talk architecture

Ingrid Taillandier discussed resources, recycling and processes

By the hour we grow more aware that our planet’s resources are scarce, and that we urgently must shift from an exploitative to a regenerative architecture. But how? What resources do we have at hand, how are new materials engineered and experienced, and what new materials and design solutions will we have to get used to?

"In this episode of Let's talk architecture we went to France to explore the sensuous French-ness and talk about how we must rethink our resources in the way we build. We invited ourselves to ITAR architectures to talk to the founding partner Ingrid Taillandier, and she explained how they focus on densification as a way of reducing the use of land as resource. We also brought Scottish born architect Susan Carruth, who is partner GXN, a research based architectural firm with Danish roots. Together they talk about how new stories and aesthetics play a crucial role for reducing our use of resources – and how we get used to new materials and designs."

Michael Booth is the host of Let’s Talk Architecture, a Danish Architecture Center podcast. This episode is organized in collaboration with UIA2023CPH, and Creative Denmark and produced by Munck Studios.


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